Residential Technology FAQ

This page contains frequently asked questions we receive. If you cannot find an answer using the resources below, please feel free to contact us with questions

May I bring more than one computer to campus?

Yes. Many students have multiple devices that need to access the network all at once. You can connect all your devices to WiFi and residential communities also have a hardwired Ethernet ports available for plugging in.  

May I have a second Internet port put in my room if I only have one?

We have distributed ports based on building plans and layouts.  Most rooms have at least 2 ports available.  If there are not enough, we recommend using WiFi for devices that are compatible.

May I bring a switch, hub, splitter or router to provide myself with extra Internet ports?

No. Attaching additional networking hardware to the Cal Poly residence hall network is not allowed and will not work; this is a stated policy in the Cal Poly Responsible Use Policy.  Please contact us if you need assistance with additional connections.

May I have a port opened on the firewall for my computer? 

Firewall rules for the Cal Poly network are managed globally to ensure optimal security in accordance with the Responsible Use Policy.  As such, we do not allow custom firewall pinholes.

May I connect a gaming console or other Internet of Things device to the residential network?

Yes! Learn about supported devices and how to register your device and get connected to the CP-IoT-Secure WiFi network.

Is it assumed that all students will bring their own printers, or does University Housing have a printing service?

Around campus, you can find printers available at the Library, and in a variety of labs throughout different departments. Residents are welcome to bring their own printers or collaborate with roommates in sharing one. According to WiFi Supported Devices, the following printers are available when using CP-IoT-Secure: Printers - Bluetooth and WiFi Direct printers, WiFi Printer (Airprint).

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