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There are a few pieces of information that are extremely helpful for us when working on most issues.  To expedite support, please include as much of this information as possible in your Help Request.


  1. Physical (MAC) address of the device(s) with issues. Please see this article for further instructions on how to find this.
  2. Device type (Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Phone/Gaming Console/TV/etc)
  3. Operating System (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc)
  4. Location (Building and Room number)
  5. Connection Type (wired or wireless)
  6. Timing (when the issue started occurring, and when it occurs, if it's intermittent)
  7. Does this issue occur when connecting to the on-campus network?
  8. Has the device successfully connected previously?
  9. Contact information (best method and time to contact you)

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