Residential Internet

Residential Internet (ResNET) is the internet service and network services provided by University Housing, in partnership with ITS, and is included at no additional cost with your on-campus residence stay.  

How to Access

ResNET is available in every University Housing residential community.  WiFi is available through all interior residential spaces, including Community Centers and in rooms.  

WiFi Options

Wired Options

Every room is equipped with wired Ethernet ports either on the wall or on an Aruba Access Point. Wall ports labeled (W) are active and available for use. On the Aruba Access Point, there are up to 4 ports available for use, we recommend using the middle ports to start.  Note: Wall ports and Aruba Access Points may be hidden behind furniture, please be sure to look around and behind furnishings.

wall ports



Wall Ports example



Aruba AP





Aruba Access Point example





Coverage Map

A detailed WiFi coverage map can be found here.

Note: University Housing is continually expanding outdoor WiFi, newer coverage may not be represented on the map.

Internet and Network Policies

Use of the Cal Poly Internet and Network are governed by the Cal Poly Responsible Use Policy.  Please read and understand the policy, including the FAQs.  By using Cal Poly internet and network services you are agreeing to and accepting the Responsible Use Policy.  If you do not agree, please discontinue use immediately. 

In addition, in University Housing, all residents are also required to abide by the campus policy on Use of Electronic Recording Devices.  This policy is intended to protect individual privacy in residential spaces. Please read and understand this policy.

Residents are further advised of the following, which are covered in the Responsible Use Policy and Campus Administrative Policies:

  • Making, downloading and sharing illegal copies of software and media is a violation of international copyright law.  Residents found violating copyright laws, including malicious use of peer-to-peer (P2P) File Sharing, Bittorrent, or other attempts to illegally share or distribute will be subject to appropriate judicial action.  The Cal Poly DMCA Infringement Response plan can be found here.
  • You are not permitted to use unauthorized or unapproved networking equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, routers, hubs, switches, access points, and airports, wireless or wired.  Please contact us with questions or if you are experiencing service concerns with provided equipment.
  • It is recommended that you take precautionary steps necessary to protect your computer and electronic devices against electrical damage. Plug your electronic equipment into a UL listed power surge protector. Make sure that you purchase a surge protector and not a power strip, which does not have any protective features. The University is not responsible for damage to electronic equipment due to failure to use a proper surge protector.
  • Take the precautionary steps necessary to protect your computer against malware attacks and viruses sent to you by email and/or from browsing malicious websites. As a rule, avoid opening questionable file attachments. Many malicious worms and viruses multiply by sending themselves as attachments to contacts in your email address book.  The University provides free anti-malware and antivirus software to protect your device while on the Cal Poly network.


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